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How to secure Visa to France easily, Applying for a French Visa ( Latest Tips )

For general information and for preparing, submitting and tracking your application, log on to France-visas, the official website for visa application to France.

Delay to get an appointment and a visa can vary depending on how many request we are getting at the same time. You can apply for a visa up to 3 month prior your departure date in France so we recommend you anticipate your request as early as possible to make sure you can travel on time !

If you need to get a visa for your stay in France, please follow this procedure :

1. Application for a visa

In order to make your visa application easier, it is to be made online through the official website France-visas.

Available in several languages, France-visas is the unique platform for visa requests to France : short stay (Schengen, including overseas French departments and transit) or long stay. France-visas will provide you with all the necessary information; it will guide you and assist you all along your application process: you will find an online form to fill in and the list of documents you will need to provide to complete your file.

2. Book an appointment at the French Embassy

When your online application is completed, contact VFS in order to book an appointment for an interview at the French Embassy.

You can book an appointment online, on France-visas (page whom should I contact ?), or by calling VFS call center: 030 274 6224.

Please note that the current waiting time to obtain an appointment is at least 3 months.

Service fee will be required by VFS (10€ to be paid ).
You can reschedule your appointment two times, in case you may need to do so, contact VFS at least 48 hours before the scheduled day.

3. Your appointment at the Embassy

When your appointment is scheduled with VFS, please make sure you come to the consulate on time, with all the required documents as stated on the France-visa website, your receipt and visa fees (to be paid by cash).

Kindly note that applicants who arrive at the consulate 15 minutes after their scheduled time will not be received and should request for a new appointment with VFS.

4. Processing time and getting your passport back

For your information, processing time for short stay visas is at least 10 working days and 15 working days for long stay visas.

Depending on the number of application we get the processing time can change, on the day of your appointment, the French Embassy will tell you when you can pick up your passport.

Preparing your appointment
Respect the schedule to guarantee the visa service access

Respecting the exact time of your appointment, will guarantee your access to the visa service. If you arrive late, you may not have access to the Visa service and may have to book a new appointment online.

Forged documents leads to the rejection of the application

The visa service checks the authenticity of the submitted documents. If forged documents are submitted, the visa will automatically be refused and applicant will be negatively registered.


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